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Sirius’ Children: Beyond Humanity

Stars hold many secrets. For generations humans looked into the skies trying to find an answer, something that told them from where they came. Would them be a product of divine design? Or would be the humans born from the right chemicals reacting by blind luck? Was, in fact, the Earth oceans that gave birth to life, of could it come from somewhere else?

“From where we came?” and “why are we here?” are questions that plagued generations of philosophers, great thinkers and scientists since ancient times. A multitude of different tales arose with time: tales of gods, beings so powerful that everything was possible to them. Beings capable of changing the fate of the world at will. Science came a bit later, talking about natural, non-divine ways on which the universe could be created and how life could appear on that little blue rock that humans call home. Those views, seemingly mutually exclusive, often came into crash, with fervorous defendants of both sides violently defending their own views.

It took a long time and a really, really deep pit for them to see that both of them were right. Well, almost right, at least.

Sirius’ Children: Beyond Humanity is a futuristic tale of discovery on which the humanity at least leave the Earth and comes into contact with what lies beyond. It’s a soft sci-fi, deep space adventure that borrows elements from Warhammer 40k, Mass Effect and Star Ocean universes, deeply influenced by Asimov’s and Clarke’s works.

The campaign is, at the moment, on planning stage, and should be ready for play in a couple of weeks. Until then, stay tuned for more stuff regarding Sirius’ Children universe!

Home Page

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