The Basics

Sirius’ Children uses a system that empowers the player’s choices and the character’s traits. It is a bit difficult to learn, but easy to play.

The general resolution mechanic is pretty straigthforward. The player says what he want to do to the Game Master. The Game Master then defines what kind of check the player needs to do to see if he suceeds at the task at hand. A check is the roll of three six-sided dies with all the relevant bonuses and penalties accounted in. Let’s go for an example:

Zach wants to throw a Plasma Grenade at a nearby fortified wall, to open a hole for him and his party. He rises his weapon, and throws it in the direction of the wall.

That’s an action. Someone (Zach) is trying to do Something (open a hole for his party to pass) Somehow (Throwing a Plasma Grenade).

Each action is resolved by a check. A check consists of several different parts:

  • The Difficulty is a number that measures how hard is to do a given task. Simple tasks have lower difficulties (sometimes even zero), while complex tasks or tasks that needs a lot of skill tend to have a higher Difficulty.
  • The Bonuses are things that you can put into your check to increase your chances. Those things include your character stats, temporary bonuses from circunstances and your gear.
  • The Roll is the sum of three six-sided dies that a player must throw when he attempts to do something.

The GM tells Zach that he must roll a Dexterity-Explosives Check against a Difficulty of 15.

Zach is not the most agile member of the party, having a Dexterity of 3. However, he is pretty good with explosives, being the offitial demolitionist of the group. His Skill with Explosives is 6, a very good value. Also, his Plasma Grenades are military grade, so they are a bit easier to use, giving him an extra +1 on his check. Adding up all of that, he has a total of +10 [3 + 6 + 1] on his check. That means he just need a five on his roll!

This basic mechanic works for anything else in the game. Check the difficulty, add up all the bonuses, and roll the dice. Sum everything, and if the result is high enough, you character handles it. Attacking someone, hacking a computer terminal, disabling an enemy robot, riding a hoverbike… every checkis made on the same way. This prevent any type of confusion, since you know what exactly you need to do to do any action.

Check the Character Creation to understand how to create a character for your game!

The Basics

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